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Purge Your Spurge and Get Landscape Plants!

                              Got Myrtle spurge or Cypress spurge?                                     
Get rid of them and get FREE landscape plants!
Purge the Spurge Event

When: May 19th through June 5, 2014
How does it work?
 • Contact one of the project sponsors: Garfield County (379-4456), CSU Extension (625-3969), or the Conservation Districts (945-5494 ext. 104).
• Pull and bag up your spurge and contact one of the sponsors.
• The sponsor will confirm and verify, on site, that the bagged plants are Myrtle or Cypress spurge and will award the participant with a voucher for FREE plants to be redeemed at the Mountain Valley Developmental Services Greenhouse in Glenwood Springs. Guidelines and key points of the spurge trade:
WARNING: Spurge has a white sap that can cause severe skin irritation.
• Wear long sleeves, long pants, and gloves.
• To participate, pull or dig up your spurge, try to remove at least 4 inches of the rooted clump.
• Collect plants in plastic bags for disposal as garbage. Do not compost.
• Participants will receive a voucher worth $15 for each 30 gallon garbage bag of spurge plants.

Sponsored by: Garfield County Vegetation Management, CSU Extension, CSU Master Gardeners, the Bookcliff, Mt. Sopris and South Side Conservation Districts, and Mountain Valley Developmental Services.
Myrtle and Cypress spurge are both highly invasive garden plants that are rapidly spreading throughout Garfield County. Both species may crowd out native vegetation by forming dense infestations that decrease plant diversity for both wildlife and livestock. Myrtle spurge is very dangerous to you and your family, the most common victims are children who unassumingly pick the flowers.

No Till Drill Rental

The no-till drill is available for rent for your spring planting!  Please call early to ensure that you are able to reserve a day or two to plant your seed.  For more information call the office at 945-5494 ext 115 or click on the "No-Till Drill" icon on the left. 

Seedling tree sales coming to an end!  You still have time to order! 

The seedling tree program is in transition this year with a new form and later delivery day!   Be sure to get your order in early to get the species that you want. Deadline for orders is April 25th. 

 Seedling Tree Order Form       Variety Pack Order Form     Spanish Tree Order Form


Watch for this noxious weed early spring!

Whitetop Rosette

Hoary Cress commonly know as "whitetop", is a creeping perennial that is a member of the mustard family.  The stems, in the rosette stage, may grow up to 2 inches in height and produce grayish-green leaves that are lance shaped.  The leaves are alternate and 3/4 to 4 inches long.  The upper leaves have two lobes that clasp the stem.  The plant has numerous small, white flowers with four petals on stalks radiating from a stem.  The plants emerge in early spring with stems emerging from the center of each rosette in late April.  Whitetop flowers from May to June and plants set seed by mid-summer.  Habitats for whitetop include: fields, waste places, meadows, pastures, croplands and along roadsides.  The key to effective control is prevention.  Beyond prevention, the key is early detection when infestations are small, and aggressive management.  It is recommended to apply herbicide at the early bud growth stage or "broccoli" growth stage.  Contact the district office at 945-5494 ext 104 or Steve Anthony of Garfield County Vegetation Management at 945-1377 ext 4305.                             

Source:  Colorado Department of Agriculture