Things are "greening up" and it's time to start looking for noxious weeds!  The above picture is a rosette for Whitetop (Hoary Cress) and is listed on the Garfield County Noxious Weed List!  Call the office for noxious weed mapping to help develop your treatment plans!

CoAgMet Summer Information

Check out the CoAgMet page for daily readings in your area!


2016 Noxious Weed Cost Share Program

It's not too soon to start thinking about treating noxious weeds on your property. The 2016 cost share application is available here.      Call (970) 945-5494 ext. 104 to schedule a site visit.  

No Till Drill Rental

The no-till drill is available for rent for your fall planting!  Please call early to ensure that you are able to reserve a day or two to plant your seed.  For more information call the office at 945-5494 ext 115 or click on the "No-Till Drill" icon on the left.