Mount Sopris Conservation District

Mount Sopris Conservation District Supervisors

Jeff Nieslanik, President

Sandy Jackson, Vice President

Robert Burry, Secretary / Treasurer

Mike Wilde, Board Member

 Cassie Cerise, Board Members

Youth Water Leadership Program


The Mount Sopris Conservation District board members have been impressed with the Wild Rose Education Program and Youth Water Leadership Program with Sarah Johnson guiding the program. The board invited Sarah to attend a board meeting to better explain the program. We suggested that the program include a portion on agriculture water and its place in the Roaring Fork drainage. From that came a new partnership. 
Sarah and other volunteers had a field trip to Lazy H Slash Eleven Ranch to learn about irrigation. Sandy Jackson and Jim Campbell discussed various methods of irrigation and included a group participation movement of a sideroll sprinkler. Conversations included water needs, cattle ranching, and conservation easements. The students had a great time ending the day with a raft trip. 

CoAgMet Weather Station    


The Mount Sopris Conservation District has partnered with Bill Fales and CSU Extension to install the new CoAgMet weather station. This new technology can help landowners in the Crystal River Valley with irrigation water management. Go to, locate the Carbondale station and find daily information. The Mount Sopris Conservation District and Natural Resources Conservation Service will host a workshop on how to use the information - watch for details!


Rural Living Handbook

Mount Sopris Conservation District is happy to provide you with a copy of our "Rural Living Handbook."

Our conservation district was formed 60 years ago as a result of the impact of the Dust Bowl era.  Our mission is to promote sustainable management of the natural resources of our district and to balance the needs of agriculture, open space, and urban growth.

We have included information and contacts in the handbook to assist new and established landowners in how to be a good steward and a good neighbor while enjoying the best our district has to offer.

You can pick up a copy at the conservation district office, your local library or realtor!  It is also available on line by clicking on Rural Living Handbook!

Mount Sopris CD Transparency Statement